Financial Review

Serving the public good, funded in part by the public dollar, demands our unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility. We never forget that our students invest heavily in their education. Along with other Ontario colleges, we’re also constrained by receiving lower government operating grants than any other province. This knowledge fuels our commitment to provide our students with great value for money, and to run our operations with the utmost efficiency and integrity.


Estimated grant and tuition fee revenue per domestic college student, all provinces, 2017-18. Per-student revenue from operating grants and tuition fees for Ontario colleges continues to be the lowest among the provinces. Funding per student for Ontario colleges continues to be significantly lower than for secondary schools and universities.

Note: Ontario figures exclude the tuition set-aside and collaborative and second-entry nursing and clinical education funding for collaborative nursing. Also excluded is the portion of funding for other organizations that is not for the college sector. Regulated tuition fees. Operating grants and enrolments are for provincially funded activity and exclude apprenticeship. Enrolment and funding data for Quebec are for full-time students.

Sources: Colleges Ontario, Ministry of Colleges and Universities, relevant provincial ministries.


Sheridan 2019-2020 operating budget graphs and charts

Source: Sheridan Department of Finance, 2019-20 Budget.