Grads with impact

Through our extraordinary alumni, Sheridan’s impact extends far beyond classrooms and campuses. At 200,000 strong, Sheridan alumni form the backbone of our communities. They’re problem solvers, working to build businesses, create opportunities, strengthen the local economy and make meaningful change.

From driving sustainable growth, to amplifying the voices of those in marginalized communities, our alumni are changemakers, tackling today’s big challenges. Meet a few of the Sheridan graduates who are making a difference in their communities.

Ryan Knight

Accounting ’12

Ryan Knight is the President and Co-Founder of the Afro-Caribbean Business Network, which promotes equity and removes historical barriers faced by Black business owners. Knight nurtures entrepreneurship skills among youth through Detailing Knights, a mobile auto-cleaning company he founded.

“A lot of how we built the company has a social impact – we’re helping people get jobs, helping the environment.”

- Ryan Knight, President, Afro-Caribbean Business Network

Ashleigh Montague

Project Management ’16

Ashleigh Montague is creating business opportunities for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities through pop-up markets, which help BIPOC business owners boost sales and increase their markets in the Hamilton, Niagara, Brantford and Halton regions. BLK OWNED Hamilton is one of the 11 youth-led entrepreneurial ventures which were supported last year by the Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch, run by Sheridan’s entrepreneurship hub, EDGE.

Photo credit: Light Imaging

“We thought BLK OWNED would be a platform to showcase this wonderful list of businesses, and now it's grown into something bigger where we're able to provide programming and a marketing platform for these (BIPOC) business owners."

– Ashleigh Montague, Founder, BLK OWNED Hamilton

Iman Hashemi

Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design & Drafting ’04

Iman Hashemi is Vice President of Innovation and Infrastructure Solutions at the Ontario Clean Water Agency, which provides operations and maintenance services for over 820 water and wastewater facilities in the province. For more than a decade, Hashemi has been a critical part of ensuring water remains a safe and renewable source despite increased development and the impacts of climate change.

“It’s really about being innovative and having a strong imagination and a strong vision to shape a future that is more sustainable and resource recoverable.”

- Iman Hashemi, Vice President, Innovation and Infrastructure Solutions, Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)

Jeveen Sandhu & Gowris Sripathmanathan

Police Foundations ’20

Jeveen Sandhu and Gowris Sripathmanathan are the founders of 50 Buns, a non-profit dedicated to providing hot meals to people experiencing homelessness in the Greater Toronto Area. Sandhu and Sripathmanathan are building positive change within their community and are leaders in social responsibility.

“We’re thrilled to have built this team and these partnerships so we can continue giving back to the community.”

– Gowris Sripathmanathan, Co-Founder, 50 Buns

Aanchal Vashistha

Digital Communication ’13

Aanchal Vashistha is an award-winning author and founder of Reach Out Together, a non-profit organization based in Toronto that provides people with the tools and education to maintain strong mental health.

“It was evident to me that our community lacked knowledge about mental health. That realization was the start of my new journey to take my knowledge to my community.”

– Aanchal Vashistha, Founder, Reach Out Together

Art that makes a difference

For alumni of our renowned Honours Bachelor of Animation, art is more than a way to entertain. It amplifies stories from communities that have traditionally been underrepresented, and brings conversations about equity and sustainability to screens big and small.

Domee Shi

Honours Bachelor of Animation ’11

In little more than a decade, Oscar-winner Domee Shi has carved a unique place in the world of animation. Turning Red, released in early 2022, marked her directorial debut on a feature film and made her the first woman of colour to direct a feature film at Pixar Animation Studios. The film generated plenty of buzz for reflecting Shi’s own experience growing up as the child of Chinese immigrant parents.

Gyimah Gariba

Honours Bachelor of Animation ’13

Big Blue, created by Gyimah Gariba delights children with its underwater adventures, quirky characters and generous sprinkling of jokes. It’s also intertwined with messages about being environmentally friendly, and the characters bring cultural and racial representation to the screen. Gariba drew on his own childhood experiences to create the series’ characters and conversations, and he hopes that Black children, seldom represented in the animation world, will find themselves reflected in these characters.

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